Born in Cachoeira Dourada, MG / GO,1955. Lives and works in São Paulo.

The forms of Shirley Paes Leme’s production are diverse, including installation, video, drawing, painting, sculpture and printmaking.

The artist is interested in literature, residues, leftovers, and the trail of fleeting and fluid things.

Shirley’s work has a dichotomous character between the memory of her childhood in a farm, in the kitchen with a wooden stove, in the dirt, in the clay and in the presence of branches; and the urban environment, in the smoke of cars in big cities.

Her drawings made with smoke mark her trajectory. As well as the drawings made with citric substances, in a technique that the artist named ‘pirofitografia’, which registers a series of small gestures that try to retain the volatile, the ephemeral.

Since the 1980s, her research has had metal, together with wood, be the elements for her three-dimensional production. In recent creations, the artist incorporates metals such as bronze and aluminum for sculptures that seem to melt and question our notions about gestures, matter and time.

Participated in national and international exhibitions, having been the only Brazilian at the “XV International Biennial of Lausanne“, in Switzerland, 1993: VII Biennial of Poland, 1995; “Die Anderen Modernen”, House of World Cultures, Berlin, 1997; II Mercosul Biennial, Porto Alegre; VII Biennial of La Habana, Cuba, 2000. “20th Century: Art of Brazil”, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon, Portugal; Bienal de São Paulo – 50 years, São Paulo; and “Côte à Côte – Art Contemporain du Brésil”, Musée Art Contemporain de Bourdeaux, France in 2001; X Mercosul Biennial, Porto Alegre, 2015; I Bienal Sur, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2017; XIV Curitiba Biennial, 2019.

Her work can be found in important collections in Brazil and abroad, such as: MAM-SP; MAC-USP-SP, National Museum in Aalborg, Denmark; Pinacoteca of the City of São Paulo; Itaú Cultural Institute, São Paulo; Gilberto Chateaubriand, Rio de Janeiro; Bernardo Paz, Inhotim, Minas Gerais; Museum of Art of Brasilia, Brasilia; Museum of Contemporary Art of Ceará, Patrícia Cisneiros, New York among others.