Geórgia Kyriakakis | Temporada de Projetos 2012 -Paço das Artes SP

January 26 to April 1, 2012

Instável [Unstable]

Curatorial design by Douglas de Freitas.

Participating artists: Ana Paula Oliveira, Geórgia Kyriakakis, Laura Belém, Laura Vinci, Marcelo Moscheta, Marina Weffort, Mauricio Ianês

“In the works by Geórgia Kyriakakis, Helenas de Óleo [Oil Helenas], from 2002, and Coordenadas [Coordinates] from 2011, and in the series of objects presented by Marina Weffort, materials are aligned in a fragile stability; they seem to be at the threshold of deconstruction. Ainda não [Not Yet], 2010, by artist Ana Paula Oliveira, and Mona Lisa, 2011, by Laura Vinci, are always in transformation, there is always a movement. In the video Naufrágio [Shipwreck], 2006, by Laura Belém, the drawing of an old-time sailing ship is dissolved by the action of the water; and in MARÉ [vers.1.3] [Tide (vers.1.3)], 2009, by Marcelo Moscheta, three images of the sea aim to become aligned and form a horizon. In Untitled – silent area/ monologue area/ dialogue area, 2008, Maurício Ianês makes propositions to the public, and the work is concretized based on the viewer’s perception and participation.”

Paço das Artes
Av. da Universidade 1
Cidade Universitária
CEP 05508-040
São Paulo/SP, Brasil
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