Raquel Arnaud | the gallery’s 40 years

1973 - 2014

A presence in the art world for the past 40 years, gallerist Raquel Arnaud has been one of the pioneers in the discovery and promotion of names and movements that are iconic in today’s Brazilian art scene. She had an important role, in what was then a traditional art market, to the vigorous activity of contemporary art.

Afinidades [Affinities] (20/3 – 4/5) at the Instituto Tomie Ohtake, which celebrates Raquel Arnaud’s 40 year career, and Trajetória 40 anos [Trajectory 40 years] (2/4 – 17/5), exhibition at Galeria Raquel Arnaud, present her trajectory through the artwork of various collections which were touched by her refined look throughout this long period and have become historical pieces with references for the current artistic production. Afinidades is a retrospective with 116 pieces from 45 different artists who have been with Raquel over these years.

When she started, as executive director of the Galeria Arte Global in the 1970’s, after working at MASP – Museu de Arte de São Paulo alongside Professor Bardi, Raquel Arnaud already celebrated the generation that followed modernism. Names such as Mira Schendel, Lygia Clark, Ligia Pape and Amilcar de Castro were participants in exhibitions organized by her, both at Galeria Arte Global and in her own gallery Gabinete de Artes Gráficas, founded in partnership with Mônica Filgueiras.

At this time she began working with Sergio Camargo, Franz Weissmann, Tomie Ohtake, Willys de Castro, Hércules Barsotti, Arthur Luiz Piza, Anna Maria Maiolino and Carmela Gross.

In the end of the 1970s and beginning of the 1980s she believed in young artists Tunga, Waltercio Caldas, José Resende and so many others, that are today important examples of her sensibility in perceiving new potential in art. Her response to Rodrigo Naves, art critic and historian, published in her book edited by Cosac Naify, illustrates her gaze towards future: “What matters tor me is to be able to defend tomorrow what I sold yesterday.”

Raquel’s declared admiration for art dealers Leo Castelli and Denise René brought her in great proximity especially to the latter, a precursor in the dissemination of Kinetic art. Involving European and Latin-American artists, this movement strengthened the affinity between the two dealers, until René’s death in 2012. They brought to Brazil important names in Kinetic art such as Carlos Cruz-Diez and Jesús Soto.

Raquel has always been inflexible for quality in art, as well as in her role as art dealer – influencing important collections, while supporting and promoting her artists. It was in this way that Raquel participated in the expansion of Brazilian art collections. She highlights Gilberto Chateaubriand and Jean Boghici as influential names in art collecting, whose collections have great merit in disseminating many important talents. Among them are various other national and international collections.

Afinidades will be accompanied by a catalogue with text and images of her entire trajectory, edited by Cosac Naify, edition of 3,000 copies.