game change

sep 25 - nov 19_2014

game change

In Game Change, Frida Baranek uses the memory of situations and objects as a starting point for the development of the eight sculptures gathered in the exhibition. The artist evokes childhood memories, the games of colored wooden sticks and the hula hoop, to create the two new series.

About these works, critic and art history professor Roberto Conduru points out that, as in other works of hers, Baranek starts from objects in the world, in this case, the hula hoop and the game Pega Varetas, recalling children’s games. “Voids and holes, permeabilities and articulations also suggest possibilities of manipulation and rearrangement of the pieces”, he says.

The artist chose glass as the material to create the new sculptures. In the case of the sticks, she kept the 22 from the original game, using the same colors and changing the size, each one being one meter long. The fragility of the glass reveals the need for the rods to be always related to other materials (leather, felt, rubber, marble powder, and sisal rope), creating a specific positioning situation and, at the same time, an infinity of combination possibilities. “Each game is “coupled” to another material, which expands the relational issue. It is in this relationship that the work, meaning, experience, memory, and time are made”, says the artist.

This is what Roberto Conduru also points out: “The greatest sign of change is the morphological indeterminacy of the sculptures. Until now, some of her pieces could assume different configurations when reassembled. The works in this series are not definitively shaped by the artist, and can be restructured almost infinitely according to the elements and rules established by her”, completes the critic.