carlos cruz-diez

jun 23 - set 12_ 2012

carlos cruz-diez

See the works in the gallery’s basement

The ‘static support in painting’, as a concept, has accompanied plastic expression through the centuries. It was the solution imagined by man to stop time and record the ephemeral nature of an instant. The painting on the plane is, therefore, a symbol of permanence and eternity.

“Additive Colors” and “Chromatic Inductions” propose another solution, one that integrates the notion of real time and space into the ‘static plane’. These works produce a chromatic event that evolves continuously with the movement of the spectator and with the change of light, in contradiction with nature and the canons of traditional pictorial space.

They are flat and static works that evolve and change in a dialectic of space and time between the spectator and the work, evidencing the ambiguity of color, which is created and evolves outside the painted support.

I work on the edge of ‘normal vision’, not to cause ‘effects’. I seek to highlight unprecedented – but real – circumstances of the vision, with the purpose of establishing another relationship of knowledge.

The line is not an aesthetic element, it is the most effective way I could find to multiply the critical areas of vision between two color planes, with the aim of generating new and unstable color gamuts.