Cassio Michalany | MODULAÇÕES [Modulations]

November 18, 2010, to March 4, 2012

Cassio Michalany is holding an exhibition at the Centro Universitário Maria Antonia

Opening November 17 at 8 PM

The exhibition by Cassio Michalany, Modulações, presents three series of paintings in small and medium format. The first series consists of three pairs of discrete, nearly imperceptible white paintings. In the larger series, 24 rectangular pieces in groups of four form six sets of white wooden sheets with black, blue, gray and brown sticks, in arrangements of colors and positions that defy immediate visual perception. Finally, the third series presents paintings in pairs, with lateral lines in violet and turquoise tones. Michalany’s work is essentially pragmatic, with a recurring mechanism of subtle alterations between one work and the next, based on constant handling of the materials by the artist in the construction of a meaning in successive steps: the definition of elements, the construction of the works, the composition of the various series, and their setup in space. Thus, in Modulações, the structure of the paintings composes an exigent visual grammar, which demands that the spectator perceive chromatic differences, recurrent positions, combinations and permutations.

Centro Universitário Maria Antonia
Rua Maria Antonia, 294, São Paulo
T 11  3123-5201