Cassio Michalany

Born in São Paulo, Brazil, 1949 – currently lives and works in São Paulo

Cassio Michalany initiated his painting practice in the end of 1960’s and graduated at the School of Architecture and Urbanism in University of São Paulo, in 1973. He obtained the acquisition prize at the 4th edition of the “Jovem Arte Contemporânea” show at the Museum of Contemporary Art (1970) and at the 7th edition of “Salão Paulista de Arte Contemporânea” (1976), both in São Paulo. In the 1980’s, he took part in significant national exhibitions such as: “Destaques da Arte Contemporânea Brasileira” at the Museum of Modern Art, in São Paulo (1985); “Em Busca da Essência: Elementos de Redução na Arte Brasileira” at the 19th São Paulo Art Biennial (1987); and at the 17th and the 20th editions of “Panorama de Arte Atual Brasileira” (1986 e 1989). In 1991, he participated in the show “O Que Faz Você Agora Geração 60?” at the Museum of Contemporary Art, in São Paulo. In 1994, he was a participant in “Bienal Brasil Século XX” exhibition at Fundação Bienal de São Paulo.

Cassio’s journey as an artist was acknowledged with the launching of two books: Cassio Michalany: pinturas (Cosac Naify, 2001), written by Rodrigo Naves, and Como anda a cor: trabalhos recentes de Cassio Michalany (Fundação Stickel, 2005), written by Tiago Mesquita. And also by important solo exhibitions at Instituto Tomie Ohtake (2003), at Centro Universitário Maria Antonia (2004) and Estúdio Buck (2010), in São Paulo. In 2010, Cassio presented “Pinturas – Permutações de cor” at Estação Pinacoteca, in São Paulo, with six modular canvas produced in 1991, which were later donated to the museum. Galeria Raquel Arnaud has been representing the artist since 1985.